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Studios Boheme Studio Rental Agreement and Terms of Use

1. Services to be provided by Studios Boheme as part of the Studio Rental (the “Rental”):

  • 50-minute studio rental.

  • Complimentary drinks in the lobby.

  • Complimentary use of our beauty corner.

  • Complimentary use of studio props and decorations.


2. Length of studio use

Please note that while you select a 1-hour window for your rental, the actual time allotted to be used in the studio is 50 minutes. The last 10 minutes of the hour will be dedicated to cleaning and getting the space ready for the next client. Rental begins promptly at the prescribed starting time and ends promptly 10 minutes before the end of the hour. In the event of late arrival, the rental will still end promptly 10 minutes before the end of the hour. No exceptions will be made. Failure to vacate the premises at the prescribed time will result in additional fees charged by Studios Boheme. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your Rental. This time will be needed to process any remaining payment and sign the waivers.


3. Payments and deposits

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at the time of the booking. It is the renter’s responsibility to read the STUDIOS BOHEME LLC STUDIO RENTAL AGREEMENT AND TERMS OF USE (the “Agreement”) prior to booking the rental. A copy of the Agreement is available on the website. Payment of the remaining balance will be due upon arrival before the beginning of the Rental. See Section “4. Cancellations and postponements” below for additional details. All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued.


4. Cancellations and postponements

A non-refundable 50% deposit is a fee to reserve your rental date and time. This fee is non-refundable. Rental may be rescheduled if the renter contacts the studio at least 48 hours prior to the rental date. In this case, the deposit can be applied to the new date of the rental. The rental may only be rescheduled once, and the rescheduled time and date is subject to the studio availability. If the renter fails to cancel/reschedule within 48 hours and/or does not show up at the location of the photo session, the deposit is forfeited and may not be applied to another session.


If the renter is unable to attend the photo session due to force majeure (fire, flood, earthquake, elements of nature or acts of God, acts of war, terrorism, riots, civil disorders, rebellions or revolutions, or any other similar cause beyond the reasonable control of the client), reasonable effort will be undertaken by Studios Boheme to reschedule the rental.


No exceptions will be made as these rules are established to ensure the high quality of service and respect for both the Studios Boheme time and availability for other renters/clients.


5. Failure to perform

If Studios Boheme is unable to provide rental services due to illness, mechanical breakdown, accident, acts of God, or any other cause beyond its control, Studios Boheme will return any funds previously paid to the renter but shall have no further liability with respect to the Agreement. In the event Studios Boheme fails to perform for any other reason, Studios Boheme shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the renter’s order.


6. Waiver of liability

Use of Studios Boheme’s premises and equipment is at renter’s risk. Renter hereby agrees that Studios Boheme will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, injury or loss to renter, his party or possessions while on the premises. All persons and activity on Studio Boheme’s premises may be video recorded for security usage.


7. Age of participants

Renter is solely responsible for verifying that all photographic subjects/models employed during renter’s rental period are of legal age. Studios Boheme has no responsibility to determine or verify the age of participants but reserves the right to demand proof of parental consent if models or photographic subjects are under the age of 18 and to end those activities if Studios Boheme becomes aware that legal age violations are occurring. Studios Boheme is not liable in case an invalid ID or fraudulent form of age verification is used.

8. Conduct

Studios Boheme maintains a clean and professional environment. Renter shall be solely responsible for the conduct and welfare of all persons accompanying renter while on Studios Boheme’s premises. Renter agrees that Studios Boheme representative may be present at all times throughout the rental period. If the Studios Boheme’s representative observes or otherwise becomes aware of dangerous, pornographic, illegal, or negligent practices or activities, the representative reserves the right to stop the services and request renter and renter’s party to leave immediately. In such case no refund will be given for unused time. However, Studios Boheme and its representatives assume no responsibility to act in such cases.


9. Value

Studios Boheme warrants that neither it nor any other occupants on the premises have given or agreed to give anything of value, except the use of the premises to renter or anyone associated with the renter. Renter is fully liable for and shall at renter’s expense replace any items on the premises which are lost, stolen, missing or damaged during the renter’s use of the premises.


10. Damages to the studio

Renter shall be solely responsible for any damage to Studios Boheme’s property, water and electrical features, furniture or equipment that occurs during the time renter or his party occupies the Studios Boheme, as well as the loss of profit and refunds to confirmed bookings in cases when damages require the Studios Boheme to temporary close the studio for the repair. 


Any minor incidental damage and normal wear and tear incurred with respect to the property of Studios Boheme during the course of use is expected and the renter will not be held liable. However, if damage occurs due to deliberate acts, carelessness, or unwarranted behavior, the client will be responsible for the damage and will pay a market price to restore or replace damaged property. The renter agrees to pay for damage to the premises including spills, excessive wear, marks or stains on furniture and other decorations. The renter is responsible for the entire party that accompanies the renter.


11. Equipment

Studios Boheme agrees to provide rented equipment in good working order but makes no special guarantees as to suitability for the renter’s purposes. Renter shall notify Studios Boheme immediately of any malfunction, damage, or other issues with the equipment. Studios Boheme representative shall have the right to inspect its equipment and/or studio at any time during the rental term. If a breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement is discovered upon inspection, Studios Boheme reserves the right to revoke the renter’s access to the equipment and/or studio. All of the equipment provided is accounted for before and after each rental session. If anything is missing, the renter will be charged the retail value for that item in the new condition. The renter will be provided a form which lists the inventory at the start of the renter’s session at Studios Boheme. It is the renter’s responsibility to notify Studios Boheme if there is any missing inventory/equipment before the start of the rental. Should there be no notification, Studios Boheme will hold renter liable for any missing equipment/inventory at the end of the rental session.


12. Cleaning and Trash

Renter agrees to leave premises and all contents in the same condition as they were when renter arrived. Studios Boheme will dispose of trash collected in the supplied trash cans. Renter must discard larger items, such as props and set pieces by himself/herself. Disposal of large amounts of garbage due to large sets may also accrue additional cost. All hard to clean materials must be approved in advance.  


All items brought to Studios Boheme by renter are to be removed by renter. Items left after 7 days will be assumed abandoned and may be discarded or kept by the Studios Boheme for its use, with no compensation due to renter, at the discretion of the Studios Boheme. If renter does not return Studios Boheme to the order and cleanliness found when renter arrived, Company will charge, at minimum, a $50 cleaning fee.


13.  Studio Usage Rules

  • No smoking is allowed in the building or within 20 feet of any entrance.

  • No outside food and/or drinks.

  • No alcoholic beverages or non-prescription/illegal drugs.

  • Music/voices are to be kept at reasonable levels and shall not contain vulgar or offensive lyrics/words. Live music bands must be approved in advance. The studios are not soundproof.

  • People under the influence of alcohol or other substances will not be admitted to the studio.

  • No pets allowed without prior consent of Studios Boheme.

  • Maximum of six people is allowed to be in the client’s party. Ask ahead if you have a larger group.

  • No projects involving smoke are allowed.

  • The use of fireworks or pyrotechnics is strictly prohibited.

  • Firearms, explosives (such as grenades, land mines, missiles, bombs, etc.), and live ammunition are strictly prohibited.

  • All small and/or hard to clean material (confetti, hair cutting, feathers, food products, body paint, etc.) require prior approval from Studios Boheme. If special cleaning/re-organizing/adjusting is necessary to return the studio to its original state, you may be charged a $50 cleaning fee.

  • At no time are customers to engage in any kind of unlawful activities while on the premises of Studios Boheme.

  • Rented equipment must be returned at the end of the rental period and without damage except normal wear and tear.

  • Rented equipment must be used according to its main purpose only.


If a representative or group should violate any items of this agreement, Studios Boheme staff will have the right to terminate their occupancy immediately as well as deny them services in the future.

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